Collected Writings

People, Space, Identity

Writing about design, art, architecture and media is inseparable from following the development and maturing of any cultural/art scene. It is clear that in contemporary world formal education alone does not suffice when it comes to understanding the issues of contemporary society. Only a multidisciplinary approach can reveal new perspectives that enable the insight into a complex society. Cultural journalism is an exceptionally challenging field of dialogue, which is possible to achieve only through a comprehensive mixture of different critical stances, that itself embodies the principle of interdisciplinary. With the aim of sharing information throughout the global web, the institution of journalism is a very important factor for the development of democratic society.

Today, it is necessary to shift the paradigm of the conventional journalism, which continually promotes mediocrity, comparative incompetency to other cultural fields, somewhat naive and trivial approach to contemporary art, marked by an information vacuum in the domain of international cultural events. My own engagement in the field of culture is structured around writing series of critical and creative readings of art, and detecting their mutual causal relationships.

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PEOPLE summarizes a selection of reviews, essays and interviews with designers, architects and artists. It is a presentation and a critical articulation of various practices, significant for their active participation or subtle interpretation of changes in the contemporary society.

New paradigm of society had brought about a new understanding of space. What is space today, understood beyond a mere definition of built environment, who defines it, who manipulates it – these are some topics dealt with in a series of interviews titled SPACE.

What is the identity? A complex question without a clear answer. A series of column essays published at various web sites are summarized in the category IDENTITY. It is the author’s long-time point of interest, as well as an effort to define certain parameters which construct the identity.